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Located in the heart of Durban, Trinity is a contemporary Woman’s fashion brand that is sophisticated yet confidently simple, it is apologetically addictive much like the women who wear the label!

At Trinity we are passionate about keeping things local. Our range is designed by our owner Mandie Martin and manufactured in Durban. All our accessories if they are not manufactured by us are locally made and if you believe that life it too short to be ordinary then these pieces are definitely for you!

We always aim to design innovative, contemporary, timeless garments and accessories that appeal to the modern women and we hope that the garments we create become treasured favorites.

Our task is to showcase beautiful pieces, to simplify your search, to fulfill your needs and always to make your shopping experience enjoyable.

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The Trinity Team

About Mandie Martin

As a fashion designer (DUT class of 1991) who has worked on fashion magazines, including Marie Claire and Red in the UK, you can say I have always had a love of fashion.

When I started Trinity I was a busy working mum with three very active children ranging from 17 to 9 years old. I always found it really difficult to get away for a few hours to do a little clothes shopping. Then, once I was out there, I could never find exactly what I was looking for! I was searching for simple and comfortable clothing (by comfortable I do not mean gym kit or leggings) clothing for the woman on the run. This, unfortunately, was no easy task as “comfortable” never really translates well into fashionable! So I started making clothes for myself and friends whenever I had the time.

With one child safely at university, I found I had more time on my hands and I used this time to create Trinity – an online fashion trove for all the stylish busy women out there looking for STYLISH but comfortable clothing!

I am passionate about all things local so I design all our garments in-house and manufacture them locally right here in the heart of Durban. I am blessed to love what I do – designing covetable, beautiful garments and accessories, to simplify your search, to fulfil your needs and always to make your shopping experience enjoyable.

My aim is to design innovative, contemporary clothes and accessories that appeal to the modern women – reflecting our ever-changing lifestyles.
I hope you enjoy this online shopping experience as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Happy shopping!

Mandie XX

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